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DOWNTOWN MISCHIEF – Friday, 8:55pm, Main Stage

Part funk part jazz part rhymin’ Downtown Mischief comes thru Slidin’! Dowtown Mischief forms a unique collective of musicians who met through the raw energy of Friday night jam parties. They have since evolved through a fluctuating community of members and friends to form a driving, pulsing machine that explodes with life on stage. An […]

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TREMBLERS OF SEVEN – Friday, 9:00pm, Little Fernwood Stage

Tremblers of Sevens is two people who sound like ten. They mine everything from traditional blues, devotional gospel, meditative Turkish delights, and klezmer nuptial nights, then plug it in, crank it up loud and hammer the material out over melodic and dynamic drums. The result is heavy, groovy songs that take you somewhere familiar that […]

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THE FROLICKERS – Saturday, 11:30am, Field of Dreams Stage

The Frolickers were cobbled together by noel bacanis clay hands in an attempt to create a new fragrance but instead songs were made. Songs of the highest calibre. Unabashedly catchy, these dingles and jangles have squirreled into the ears and hearts of the people and led them to the promised land which on wednesday evenings […]

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MYLES FROM HOME – Saturday, 12:00pm, Main Stage

Myles from Home is a singer-songwriter who sings, plays guitar and harmonica and enjoys chess on the beach. His friends call him Beach Santa. He splits his time between measuring neutrons from nuclear fusion experiments and singing songs about love. His passion for science comes through in his lyrics and he’s joined by a rhythm […]

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BEX – Saturday, 12:30pm, Field of Dreams Stage

A singer-song writer living in Victoria, B.C., musuical and lyrical expression have always been a huge soruce of healing for Bex. She carves our joy through seasons of grief and her powerful music resonates in the hearts of her audience. Each song serves as an invitation to drive inward.


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CHAI – Saturday, 1:00pm, Main Stage

An emerging voice in Neo-Soul, Chai fuses dreamlike soundscapes, soulful vocals and honest lyrics into her musical storytelling. Following the release of her debut single “Tangerine” and latest “Footsie,” Chai wraps up production on her debut album titled “Dunno” – a project exploring her first experiences defining love in its many forms. In her own […]

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GARETH OWEN AND IMINAH KANI – Saturday, 1:30pm, Field of Dreams Stage

Born to musician parents and raised on Canada’s eccentric Salt Spring Island, Iminah Kani was destined for an artistic life of music. As a student of flamenco guitar studying with Gareth Owen, she blends this tradition with various genres such as finger picking, bossa nova and folk-noir alongside layered guitar sounds creating experimental soundscapes .Gareth […]

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