Ian George, Vining & Chambers


Bio: Ian George is a prolific visual artist from Calgary working and living in Victoria as a Red Seal Journeyman painter/decorator for the last 19 years. Inspired every day by our beautiful island, Ian tends to work in the medium that inspires him in the moment. Woodworking, sculpting, painting, and custom lighting are a few […]

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Interbeeing at Tiny Homes Village, Caledonia & Vancouver

About the mural: Enveloping the exterior walls of Tiny Homes Village, Interbeeing is a collaborative project between three local artists – Kay Gallivan, Lydia Beauregard and Caitlin McDonagh. All three artists have contributed to placemaking throughout the city, with Lydia and Caitlin both contributing murals to the Concrete Canvas festival in Rock Bay. Kay Gallivan […]

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Collin Elder, 1627 Quadra St

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Thank you to the City of Victoria My Great Neighbourhood Grant for funding this placemaking project!

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Shane Appleton, 1532 Pandora Ave


Bio: Shane Appleton is a local indigenous manipulator of paint. Bringing his graffiti upbringing to stages, sets, walls, and canvas to uplift communities and bring the paint to life.



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Expel, 1532 Pandora Ave


Bio: Expel is a self-taught traditional artist born in Victoria, BC. His fine art includes caricature portraits done with marker & ink. He does large-scale community projects with spray paint, hoping to enhance the already rich surroundings with his colorful works.


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City ArtWorks, 1871 Fort St

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Bio: Francisco Munoz and Dean Simpson from City ArtWorks are glass artists and painters residing in Victoria, BC. They have been working together for many years designing nature-based art. Using stained glass in a creative way allows them to “paint with glass” resulting in unique and contemporary works of art. The beauty and flow of […]

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Tiny Fernwood Gallery by Pandora Arts Collective, behind 1923 Fernwood Rd

Bio: The Pandora Arts Collective Society is a caring, open community of people whose mission is to join together around the creative arts as a healing process. The Panodra Art Collective operated out of the Fernwood Community Association building at 1923 Fernwood Road.

About the project: You may be familiar with Little Free Libraries around the […]

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