Nicole Neidhardt, 1919 Fernwood Road

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Mural: Femmes Risin’

Artist Bio: Nicole Neidhardt is Diné (Navajo) of Kiiyaa’áanii Clan on her mother’s side, a blend of European ancestry on her father’s side and is from Santa Fe, NM.  She has a BFA from the University of Victoria and an MFA from OCAD University.  Nicole’s Diné identity is the heart of her practice […]

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Leya Tess, 1301 Gladstone Ave alley

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Bio: Leya Tess is an interdisciplinary artist who swims out between the islands of Art/Science and East/West. She comes from a hyphenated Hong Kong Chinese-Swedish-British background and uses mark-making and intervention to bring attention to ecological structures. A former Fernwood resident, she now spends most of her time on Sla-dai-aich (Denman Island).

About the mural: Leya’s mural […]

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Emily Thiessen, 1358 Gladstone Ave

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Bio: Emily Thiessen is an illustrator and climate justice organizer who likes creative troublemaking. She comes from Malaysian-Chinese and Mennonite roots and grew up on Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territories.

About the mural: Rock Bay Creek flows underground a block away from SOMA. This mural imagines what it might have looked like when it was above-ground and full of […]

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Iris Moore, Stanely & Pembroke

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Bio: Iris Moore is a north island-born artist and living in on Lekwungen territory (Victoria, B.C). She works in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, stop-motion animation, and tattooing. Iris has worked as a professional artist for six years, in which time she has shown her work internationally, and received 11 awards […]

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Caitlin McDonagh, 1510 Haultain St

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Bio: Caitlin McDonagh is a Canadian visual artist and muralist who creates intricate illustrative works that are deeply inspired by folklore, symbolism, and the natural world. Inspired by where human life and the natural world blurs, her work often results in a seamless narrative of beings who show both humanistic and animalistic sides […]

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Lydia Beauregard, 1275 Bay St

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Bio: Lydia Beauregard is a freelance visual artist and muralist. She believes art to be a constant tool for personal evolution, and in turn hopes to evoke feelings of love, hope, and freedom in her audience. She makes an effort to balance imagination and reality by drawing vague representations of her subjects and using […]

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Beth Threlfall, 1240 Gladstone Avenue

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Bio: Beth Threlfall is a busy artist, maker, and community building based in Victoria BC. She’s always busy with various art projects—whether it’s creating mural projects, doing private commissions, organizing participatory community art events, or simply working in my own Rusty Cauldron Studio, I always make time for art!

A Fernwood resident for over 20 years, She works […]

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