>> Lauren Gaultier

Some of you may have noticed there’s a new truck in town and it is serving up some Greek delights.  The Greek n’ Go food truck opened in December 2022 adjacent to Fernwood on the Cook Street border at Mason Street.  This father-daughter operation is run by Greek Canadians Eirini her dad Eleftherios.  Having spent time in both countries and eventually settling in Victoria four years ago, Eirini had a dream of turning her passion of cooking into a business, and that opportunity realized when the Burger Crush food truck was for sale.

Since she was young, Eirini remembered being a part of cooking sessions with her parents and grandparents, calling the kitchen the heart of the house where many memories are made. With the concept that food is a key part of social history and with grandmothers’ secret recipes in tow, this self-taught duo it was easy to turn this passion into a much loved community business.

They chose this location strategically to be close to the downtown area, somewhere culturally diverse, and a place that was accessible to all patrons. They are reliably open daily from 11:30am – 8:30pm Monday to Friday and 12pm – 8pm Sundays.  Weather you are ordering just for yourself, your family, or a big event, they have what you need.  We recommend their Veggie platter with spanakopita, tzatziki, dolmades, falafel and pita, their Calamari Wrap, and their Bougatsa dessert which is a Greek custard pie in phyllo with icing sugar and ground cinnamon. You can order take-out directly from their truck at 1580 Cook St, or delivery through Uber Eats, Doordash, and Skip the Dishes.

For a full menu and for up to date details, give them a follow @greekngo on Instagram.