We heard you Fernwoodians and now we’re ready to party

>> Kathryn Juricic

Join us on February 25th as we share a vision for the future role of the Fernwood Community Association.

Two years ago we surveyed the community and learned more about what is needed to help ensure our work is responsive to existing and future neighbourhood needs. Using your input as a guide we have an action plan we are excited to present back to our community.

We heard some common themes:

  • We’re trying to do too much with limited resources
  • Confusion between the mandate of the FCA and Fernwood NRG
  • The importance of stewarding 1921-1923 Fernwood Road as a community space in the face of a lot of change in the neighbourhood
  • A strong desire for inclusion and the use of 1921-1923 Fernwood for affordable inclusive community events with a focus on arts and culture programming and affordable space for artists
  • The importance of the Community Association Land Use Committee and its role and relationship with City Hall and planning activities

In response, the FCA is proposing to transition to a neighbourhood association that is also an arts and culture hub in Fernwood. The building at 1921-1923 Fernwood will be a vibrant welcoming, inclusive and accessible neighbourhood hub for arts, culture and education. It will be place for community building through arts and culture in Fernwood Village with affordable studio space for artists, space for workshops by and for community members, concerts, theatre performances, and working spaces for community members during daytime hours.

We imagine the energy and creativity emanating from the building will move out into the neighbourhood with art crawls, lantern festivals, outdoor poetry readings, and much more based on the needs, desires, and creative ambitions of Fernwoodians.

For now, join us on February 25th from 2:00-4:00pm at the FCA at 1921 Fernwood Road to hear more about our vision! There will be live music, warm drinks, treats and neighbourly art activities led by Pandora Arts Collective.

We will also be looking for a new name that reflects the ambitions of the neighbourhood as a space for connection, creativity, and community building.

Please join us to learn more and share your ideas!