>> Alex Harned

Fernwood NRG is excited to offer a series of summer growing and food cultivation workshops to help boost your green thumb curiosity and provide a chance to learn something new in your community. Book your spot today by calling 250-381-1552 ext.100.

Introduction to Permaculture
Th. June 29 6 – 9pm, 1/$25 – $35 (sliding scale)
Explore permaculture while given a tour of Spring Ridge Common and learn about Permaculture ethics, principles, techniques and how they apply to food forestry.

Garden Sign-Painting
Sat. July 22, 1 – 3pm, 1/$30
Join in for sign painting in Spring Ridge Common! Want to help educate people about how to identify native growing plants ? Learn about how to do so, learn their healing properties, and how to paint them at this lovely afternoon workshop.

Local Gardens Cycle Stroll: Guided Bike Tour
Sat. July 22, 3 – 5:30pm, $15-20
Join us in the morning for a garden work party at Spring Ridge Commons from 10am-12pm, or a Garden Sign Painting workshop from 1-3pm. Then hop on your bike and roam with us to all the local garden nooks. This guided bike tour will explore various commons and gardens in the wider community. Snacks are included.

Perennial Veggie Garden
Sat. July 29, 10am – 2pm, $50-$65 (sliding scale)
Boost your garden’s resiliency and your food security by planting perennial vegetables! Join Solara Goldwynn of Hatchet & Seed for an in-depth exploration of a variety of long lived, nutrient dense food plants and a range of growing conditions.

Zero Waste Living
August 5, 10 – 1pm, 1/$30
Ever dream of a life where you create no waste? With some thought and planning, it’s possible! We will explore a typical home – from the bathroom to the kitchen, the garden to the living room, and identify a variety of ways that you can go waste free by making simple changes in your everyday life.

Tues. August 22, 29, 6 – 8pm, 1/$30
Observe and interact with your local food forest through grafting! Determine which varieties of trees and shrubs have delicious fruit and discover what type of grafting is appropriate for what and when. This workshop will explore successful examples, and provide a hands-on opportunity to practice the detailed craft of bud grafting in the summer.

Wed. August 23, 6:30-8:30pm, 1/$35
Learn about the mystical ways kombucha detoxifies the body and energize the mind – while staying refreshing and tasty too! Discover the health benefits, second fermentation techniques, flavours and troubleshooting, participate in demos, and a tasting session with different flavour combinations!

Agrarian Tool Repair
Sat. Aug 26, 10am – 1pm, 1/$35
Learn how to repair your garden tools, fix a wheelbarrow, and discover how to salvage parts and refurbish hand tools! We will review good maintenance routines for wheelbarrows and hand tools, including oiling and sharpening.