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Three years ago, Amy volunteered on a shark ­conservation project in Fiji. This is where she got the upfront personal view of ­plastic waste in our oceans and its destructive effect on the ecosystem. She vowed to ­create a simple-to-use product that people could implement in their daily lives which was not only functional but beautiful too. This is how Goldilocks Wraps was born.

At Goldilocks Wraps, we take a ­practical approach to the zero waste lifestyle—understanding that it is a huge shift that will take time. When one habit shifts, ­others tend to follow quickly. We believe that the beeswax foodwrap is a great way to get started on the path to a more consumer conscious way of living.

I joined Goldilocks wraps in September 2017. Amy and I met in Fernwood as she was moving into my old apartment. We both chose to live in Fernwood because of its strong community feel. It’s tough to explain—Fernwood has a feel that I haven’t experienced in any other place I’ve lived across Canada. When both of us moved out of the neighbourhood, as we made the decision to move into homeownership, we kept our eye out for studio space in ­Fernwood. We are very excited to announce that we are opening our doors in the community we love so much! Drop by and visit us at unit B2-1284 Gladstone Avenue just around the back of the Paint Box School of Art. You can also find Goldilocks Wraps for sale at Luna Collective, in Fernwood. We will be at Out of Hand, Oaklands and Moss Street Christmas markets.