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Planning is underway to guide the future of three urban villages, the connections between them, and the neighbourhoods around them. Leading into spring of 2020, over 1,000 people shared ideas and ­concerns.

Key ideas for Fernwood include a desire to refresh Fernwood Square while holding onto what makes it unique, with gradual expansions of pedestrian spaces, patios, and the variety of local-serving shops.

Different ideas for housing came up, including a desire for a range of housing options for renters and owners, ­protections for existing rental housing, options for ­car-lite living, and attention to ­community character. New concepts for moving, living, shopping, and spending time along Bay Street were explored. And there’s a desire to enhance Fernwood’s unique ­identity with green spaces, community amenities, urban food production, and arts and culture.

Community feedback informed a new set of emerging ideas that the City now wants to further explore with you:

  • How can we make room for ­housing for diverse incomes, ages, household types, and lifestyles?
  • How can we create more ­welcoming public spaces?
  • How can we support safe and ­sustainable ways of getting around?
  • What can we do to support resilient urban villages?

Surveys and videos for the Fernwood and North Park Village areas, ­including Housing Options and ­Amenities are open until February 28, 2021 at engage.­victoria.ca. Your feedback will ­contribute to further development of the Fernwood local area plan continuing into 2021.