›› Lauren Gaultier

Welcome Hearth! This new spot took over from ­Fernwood NRG’s Yoga Den at 1311 ­Gladstone ­Avenue and has been ­operating for nearly four months now. I had the ­pleasure of meeting founder, Roxy Thomas, registered Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner (NNCP) when I opted to try out their juice cleanse offerings. According to their website, Roxy “­specializes in ­digestion, diabetes management, and overall body detoxes” and she is passionate about ­supporting others to reach optimal health through nutrition.

As a self-proclaimed juice cleanse expert, I wanted to try out Hearth’s juice cleanse ­service. Having tried multiple offerings including: home juicing, Cru Juice, Jusu Juice, Well Juice, and Juice Because, I found Hearth stood out from the crowd. Hearth was not only ­comparable, if not more affordable on price, from many of these other places, but also offered a ­personalized initial ­nutritional ­consultation. This ­consultation helped them understand my goals and ­current dietary habits to personalize my cleanse. I found this to be huge value-add considering most other juice cleanses are standard packages. My juice cleanse was for three days and consisted of four juices, one protein shake, and one booster shot (e.g. wheatgrass) for a total of six drinks each day. My experience consisted of eight different types of juices over the three days which was the most variation I’ve experienced on a juice cleanse. The bottle program was also unique in that all drinks are served in ­reusable glass containers and Hearth offers credit on your account when you bring them back.

In addition to personalized juice cleanses, single-serving juices, and ­smoothies, Hearth offers hot drinks, crafted tonics, and plant-based meals, as well as nutritional counselling and meal plan services. If you haven’t had time to stop by, it is worth it. You’ll love the beautiful open space with the centrepiece tree root art on the wall. If you want to know more check out ­hearthvictoria.ca and ­@­hearth_­victoria on Instagram or stop by in person!