Fernwood NRG’s annual holiday fundraiser, The Gift of Good Food launches November 16th and runs until December 31st, 2020. Now more than ever, due to COVID-19, we need community support to raise funds and provide families in-need across the CRD access fresh food every two weeks for a year.

This year, our goal is to raise $100,000.00 and support 200 families. Fundraising teams contribute almost a third of our funds raised, so please consider signing up as a fundraising team. Here’s all you need to know to start a team and contribute to the Gift of Good Food fundraiser.

Why start a fundraising team?
Good question! This year, because of COVID-19, we may be experiencing feelings of separation from our loved ones. Creating a fundraising team is a way to connect with friends, families, and co-workers. Although physically you may be apart, you can set a fundraising goal and work together to achieve it! Staying connected is so important so why not connect over a good cause?

How to (safely) start a team
It’s very simple really. Dub yourself a Team Captain—look how easy that was! Unite a team of friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, dance troupes, sports teams, bandmates, skaters, and whoever else you call community. Create a team name (extra points for creativity), decide on a fundraising goal, and then sign up! (Every $500 supports one family to access fresh food for a year). As El Capitan, you will be the point person between me, Melissa (one of the Gift of Good Food coordinators) and your team throughout the fundraising campaign.

When should I sign my team up?
Right now! Well, finish reading first but, I mean, who actually reads everything?? (Respect if you do). The fundraiser starts November 16th and ends at midnight on December 31st, 2020. So you feel that tinge of initiative brewing in your chest? Don’t deny it any longer! Sign up, sign up, SIGN UP, RIGHT MEOW!

How do people donate to my fundraising team?
Once you’ve signed up your team, I will create a beautiful fundraising page so your team can visually see how much money you are raising. You and your teammates will direct people donating to the Gift of Good Food donation page. Upon arrival at the donation page, your donors will need to fill out the necessary payment fields. *IMPORTANT* Those donating to your team page will need to select your Team Name from a drop down menu. This ensures their donation goes directly to your fundraising page and you are that much closer to achieving your goal!

What about donation receipts?
All contributions over $20.00 will receive a charitable donation receipt via email upon completion of payment.

Did someone mention swag?
In addition to feeling super swell about supporting families in your neighbourhood, there will be prizes for the team that raises the most funds as well as a general draw including all teams.

So get into the holiday spirit and start a fundraising team! Have any questions, you can email me at melissa@fernwoodnrg.ca.