›› Laura Benoit

When it came to setting up shop at 2000 Fernwood Road, formerly the home of Luna Collective, vintage curator Stacey Novak knew there was one thing she needed to keep in the space: local ­vendors. “I’ve loved that shop space since the ­beginning of time,” Novak laughs. “I loved what Luna was doing to support all our local artists, so I wanted to make sure that I had a portion of that as well.”

The new shop, Cream, is an eclectic mix of lovingly curated vintage homewares and outerwear, local art, and handmade goods. “We’ve got a lot of housewares, from ­vintage glasses, bowls, and mugs to ­baskets, pottery, and lamps,” says Novak. “And from our local vendors, we have candles from Jody’s Naturals, bath salts and soap from Forest Etiquette, tea from Libra Tide Herbs, and home décor from Chasin’ ­Rainbows. The list just continues to grow, and I am so excited to have more local items coming.”

One special addition to the shop is a dreamy, pastel-filled mural painted by ­Vintage Opal Studio. “The artist came by to drop off some watercolours,” Novak says. “I held one up to the big white wall and said, this should be a mural! They ­immediately went home, changed, and came right back to paint this beautiful mural. Such a special little gift from the universe.”

Though the shop is full of special, one-of-a-kind items, Novak says there is something that is even more special to her: connecting with visitors from Fernwood and beyond. “I can’t wait to have a ­continuous teapot going and chat with everyone who comes in the shop,” she says. “All of the local business owners have been so supportive. I’m so excited to be a part of this community.”

You can visit Cream at 2000 Fernwood Road, or check out the shop on Instagram at @creamlifeandstyle and online at creamlifeandstyle.ca.