Would you like to paint a pole in Fernwood? Here’s how to get involved:

Pole Painting Kit

  1. Pick-up a Pole Painting Kit. These will be available on ­Thursday, August 24th at the Picot Night Market in Fernwood Square between 4pm and 9pm. They will also be available outside the Fernwood ­Community Centre (1240 Gladstone Avenue) on Wednesday, September 6th between noon and 6pm.
  2. Design your pole! Simple and bold graphics are great & stencils help, too. Draw out your ideas.
  3. Check with your neighbours before painting a pole, download our letter for your neighbour here.
  4. Clean your pole using a thick pair of gloves and needle nose pliers, carefully remove staples and other things that might interfere with your art!
  5. Set-Up your site: Before painting, place newspaper, a drop cloth or cardboard on the sidewalk to ensure no paint gets on the sidewalk.
  6. Prime the pole. We recommend ­priming your pole with the base coat paint on Friday, September 8th. This will allow time for the pole to dry before you paint your design.
  7. Paint! You are invited to paint your telephone pole on Saturday, ­September 9th, 2017. Did you know all the paint used in this project has been salvaged from Hartland Landfill? If it is raining, please wait for a sunny day to paint your pole.
  8. Clean up. Make sure you clean up all your supplies and keep or dispose of them responsibly. Post your wet paint sign on your finished pole
  9. Admire your work and show your friends.


Learn more about how to paint a pole here.

Read about the history of the project here.

Check out photos of poles painted in past years here.


Fernwood Pole Painting Day

When: Saturday, September 9th, 2017 – all day

Where: Paint poles throughout Fernwood

Share photos of your artwork with us at @fernwoodnrg on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter  –  #polepaintingproject


Instructional video: