The Pole Painting Project returns for its fifth year, beautifying the neighbourhood one hydro pole at a time. This is a fun and exciting event is organized by Fernwood NRG, with creators and partners Beth Threlfall and Emily Grav of The Paint Box School of Art. Everyone is welcome to paint a pole.

Have you ever walked through the streets of Fernwood and stopped at a pole that caught your eye? Have you ever felt at home when you drive into our neighbourhood because of the art that is splashed throughout the streets? Well, it’s that time again to pick some paint, a pole, a brush, and reclaim your neighbourhood.

This September 12, walk through the streets of Fernwood and say hi to your neighbours painting their telephone poles. Perhaps you can trade some paint, ideas, and names. This is your chance to say meet!

 How to Paint-A-Pole:

Pick-up a Pole Painting Kit at Fernwood NRG’s office at 1310 Gladstone Avenue, September 8 to 11 between 10am and 5pm.

Design your pole! Visit our page­directory/fernwood-pole-painting-project for some tips and a video on how to paint a pole.

Prime your pole with a base coat of paint on Friday, September 11 so it has time to dry. As always, please remember to check with your neighbours before painting a pole.

Paint your design anytime on Pole Painting Day on Saturday, September 12.

Clean-up all your supplies & paint, put up a wet paint sign, come down to Fernwood Village to celebrate and hear live music!

Pole Painting Day Celebration

Paint a pole, then celebrate with food and live music with your neighbours.

What: We will have our pole ­painting headquarters in Fernwood Village. Come by to make stencils, get paint and information anytime between 10am and 4pm. From 12:30pm to 3pm, celebrate with live music by West My Friend and other special guests.

When: Saturday, September 12 from 10am to 4pm.

Where: Paint poles throughout Fernwood, then the celebration will be in Fernwood Village.

Who: Fernwoodians!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a pole painting kit include?

  • An information sheet and link to our “How to Paint-a-Pole” video
  • One large container of primer paint
  • Four to five containers of colourful paint (you choose the colours)
  • Signage: “This pole has an artist”, “Drive Slow”, and “Wet Paint” signs
  • A letter for your neighbour letting them know what you would like to paint on the pole you’ll enjoy together
  • Paint brushes
  • Sponges
  • Shelf liner/MacTac (to create stencils)

When do I paint my pole?

Pick up your Pole Painting Kit between September 8 and 11. Paint your pole on Pole Painting Day—Saturday, September 12.

 How long does it take to paint a pole?

It takes approximately 3 hours to paint a pole. You will need to apply a basecoat (primer) and potentially clean up the pole before painting. We suggest doing this on Friday evening. Then Saturday, paint your design. We recommend preparing your design beforehand and using stencils to create your graphics.

My pole is already painted, am I allowed painting over it?

The beauty of the Pole Painting Project is the temporary nature of the art, the community spirit, and vibe it creates. While it is not our jurisdiction to choose who gets to paint which pole, we highly suggest using our letter to inform and discuss with your neighbour before painting.

If it has tags on it but the pole is beautiful, please take this time to restore your pole! If it is looking old, perhaps some new art is welcome. This is all up to you, the neighbourhood!

I would rather the pole near my house not be painted, how do I ensure this?

Please come by our office to pick up a “Please keep this pole blank” sign & post it to your pole near your house that you do not wish to be painted.