Fernwood University begins next Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 at the Cornerstone Cafe. The lecture starts at 7:30pm, so try and get there a bit early so you can find a seat and grab a treat before the action starts.

Speaker: Kim Fowler, Sustainability Planning & Integration Specialist, www.SustainabilityMakesCents.com

The presentation will cover some of the critical sustainability issues facing urban municipalities in Canada, including a massive infrastructure deficit, destabilizing climate change, and an ageing population, which will require communities to ‘live within their means’ for the first time in 2 centuries.  Come join in the discussion of community sustainability.

Kim is a municipal sustainability expert with a proven record of successfully implementing sustainability in several municipalities. Her design of the Sustainability Initiative for the City of Port Coquitlam integrated 12 land development activities from the corporate strategic level through the budget to individual projects.  The Initiative won a 2006 Smart Growth BC award.  She project managed the development concept and land sale of the Victoria Dockside Green lands, which were awarded the highest LEEDTM Platinum point total in the world for the first two development phases.  The Dockside project has won over 20 sustainability awards.

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