Our neighbours at the Fernwood Community Association have come together to raise money for Fernwood NRG’s Gift of Good Food program and they have organized an online Silent Auction. See HERE for all the items!

To bid on an item, please: 

  1. See the Silent Auction List
  2. If you wish to bid please contact vspop15@gmail.com with:
    • Item #
    • Bid amount 
    • Your telephone number
  3. Someone from the FCA will contact you via email with the highest bid, which you can outbid.

The auction starts December 13th and ends December 17th at 6:00pm.  The winners will then be contacted. 

Thanks for bidding! 100% of all proceeds will be donated to The Gift of Good Food, which provides fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income families for an entire year. The Gift of Good Food partners with organizations to provide produce for families who need it in neighbourhoods throughout Greater Victoria.

If you wish to support the FCA Gift of Good Food Fundraising Team, visit their page here.