CHAI – Saturday, 1:00pm, Main Stage

An emerging voice in Neo-Soul, Chai fuses dreamlike soundscapes, soulful vocals and honest lyrics into her musical storytelling. Following the release of her debut single “Tangerine” and latest “Footsie,” Chai wraps up production on her debut album titled “Dunno” – a project exploring her first experiences defining love in its many forms. In her own […]

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GARETH OWEN AND IMINAH KANI – Saturday, 1:30pm, Field of Dreams Stage

Born to musician parents and raised on Canada’s eccentric Salt Spring Island, Iminah Kani was destined for an artistic life of music. As a student of flamenco guitar studying with Gareth Owen, she blends this tradition with various genres such as finger picking, bossa nova and folk-noir alongside layered guitar sounds creating experimental soundscapes .Gareth […]

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THE CHOIR & THE CHORUS – Saturday, 2:00pm, Main Stage

The Choir and The Chorus are part of Director Marc Jenkins’ local choir umbrella, The Choirs YYJ. Both groups are large, non-auditioned community choirs that sing fun and original arrangements of indie, pop and folk songs accompanied by Erin Gray on piano. In addition to hosting two annual fundraising concerts over the last nine years, […]

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Thought into Lyric Workshop with Kady Savard – Saturday, 2:15pm, Little Fernwood Stage

Thought Into Lyric: Expressing yourself through lyrical improvisation with Kady Savard! Join Kady for a fun and creative interactive workshop learning to write and share lyrics. Everyone is welcome!

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PINKY – Saturday, 2:30pm, Field of Dreams Stage

PINKY was born out of an idea to bring visual arts and music into a multidimensional space of performance art. Smashing together visuals, Folk-Lore, and the electronic world we live in today. The music explores the worlds of death/mortality, post-gender studies, and the human condition/conditioning in the eyes of domestication. PINKY attemptes to be the […]

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RANGER – Saturday, 3:00pm, Main Stage

Ranger is an independent Soft Rock/Soul band featuring front man Shane Ranger on lead vocals and guitar. Inspired by modern soul and folk, Ranger offers smooth uncluttered melodies, and thoughtful, textural instrumentation. Addressing themes such as love and forgiveness, Ranger delivers emotional resonance and love-sick sincerity.


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JEZREEL & ANA ROMM – Saturday, 3:40pm, Main Stage

Jez and Ana are excited to share some original music and covers with Jez! They’ve blended their styles well and I think you guys will enjoy!



Jez has been involved with music and slam poetry since he was 4 years old. He’s been playing the guitar since the age of 5, and has picked up multiple […]

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