PEANUT BUTTER TELEPHONE – Saturday, 8:00pm, Little Fernwood Stage

Bursting onto Victoria, BC’s indie scene, Peanut Butter Telephone is bringing on a new sound. This 5-piece lineup formed at the beginning of 2022, turning their jam sessions into full length songs and honing their craft on stage. Peanut Butter Telephone’s distinct sound draws from jazz, alternative, indie and prog influences, blending them into a […]

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GREG MEIKLEJOHN & THE BAAN BAANS – Saturday, 8:45pm, Main Stage

The Baan Baans are a 5 piece original band hailing from Victoria BC. The goal of the group is to let the lead singer (Greg Meiklejohn), write about whatever he feels like. Sometimes that’s a heartfelt song about what its like not knowing how to be an adult, and sometimes its about reminiscing of the […]

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BLACK PONTIAC – Saturday, 9:00pm, Little Fernwood Stage

A West Coast attitude, DIY work ethic, and mainstream aspirations come together in the genetic makeup of Black Pontiac. Emerging onto the Pacific NorthWest music scene with a unique brand of Arctic Monkeys inspired party rock, the unparalleled energy of their live performances quickly turned the Vancouver quartet into local celebrities. Tours, festival appearances, and […]

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