›› Brett Gaylor

Tell us 3 things about yourself, one that is a lie.
My mother is Dominican
I love winter
I speak French

Why do you choose to live in Fernwood?
I’m a little biased… but Fernwood is my favorite neighborhood! I love seeing art on the streets, creative neighbors, and friendly faces that make up this community. There’s a sense of camaraderie here that is very special.

What has changed in Fernwood since you’ve been here?
I spend a lot of time at Fernwood Yoga Den, and I get to see the beautiful new mural at 1313 Gladstone everyday from the windows. It was beautiful to see that take form, and inspiring to look at everyday.

What has most surprised you during the pandemic?
It’s not a surprise, really… but I’ve been fascinated by people’s creativity and resourcefulness.

What have you missed most about pre-Covid times?
Live music! Music has always been a big part of my life, and the feeling of being together listening to a great band/artist is one that I look forward to again—hopefully soon!

What will you miss most in post-Covid times?
Doing everything in pajamas.

What is your hope for Fernwood in 10 years?
To stay fun, stay funky, and stay local.

Kevin is an acupuncturist, teacher, and social justice artist who has been fascinated by the functions of the body in health and community for as long as he can remember.
His practice weaves global, modern ­science with lineages of Chinese medicine and yoga. He is continually in awe of these tools and their ability to expand upon our ­intrinsic creative nature; offering the opportunity to design embodied, healthful presence in life and in community.

Kevin spends most of his time on Lekwungen Territories also known as ­Victoria, BC where he is Program ­Director at Fernwood Yoga Den and Maya Health Clinic while continuing studies of ­Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific Rim College.

His humble, spacious, and direct ways of being continue to invite warmth of ­curiosity around the globe where he shares the teachings of his teachers with joy.

Faces of Fernwood is a series in the Village Vibe where we meet some of the neighbours that make our community great. Have someone in mind? Drop us a line! Email villagevibe@fernwoodnrg.ca.