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We so happy to ­welcome Christy Pham to our Board of ­Directors!

What drew you to join the Board of ­Fernwood NRG?
As a Fernwood resident, I’ve used many of Fernwood NRG’s community services and have seen some of the interesting social enterprise and events championed over the years. I thought that it would be neat idea to build community to this diverse, inner-city neighbourhood by joining the board of Fernwood NRG.

What connections do you have with Fernwood NRG? (or stories?)
When my daughter, who is now 7, was born, I relied heavily on Fernwood NRG services including Mother Goose, Best Babies, infant / toddler daycare, play groups and family dinners. All of these led to the development of a diverse parent network and community for our family and has grown into a passion for the wonderful neighbourhood we live in.

What do you like to do?
It sounds funny, but one of my favourite things to do is go for walks every one to two days from my home to Fernwood Square, which some of my friends refer to as a ‘little bit of Europe’. During COVID, I went every day. On these walks, I like looking for ­colourful character homes and gardens, while my daughter climbs trees, looks for her ­favourite pole art and peruses the ­lending libraries through out the neighbourhood. Our eyes light up every time we reach the square and it never gets old!

What do you do for work?
I’m passionate about building sustainability into the investment returns that I contribute to as an investment manager for BCI (asset manager on behalf of the BC public sector pension funds). A big part of incorporating sustainability into any part of life is ensuring inclusion and equal access to opportunities for all different walks of life. I believe this all starts at the community level and am looking forward to contributing to the vibrancy of our neighbourhood.

What is your connection to the ­neighbourhood?
I love Fernwood. We moved here in December 2013 and consider it our ‘forever neighbourhood’.

What is top of mind for you as Fernwood and Victoria grows?
The neighbourhood is home to some of Victoria’s most diverse populations and I’d love to see the community services grow in their ability to serve as venues for our diverse population to mix, meet, collide and enrich each others’ experiences.

What is your favourite thing about the neighbourhood?
It’s a central and diverse Victoria neighbourhood with easy access to downtown. Many of the urban issues and solutions people bring forward include food security and urban gardening. These can be experienced right here in Fernwood and I think that is a cool thing.

What opportunities do you see for the NRG?
If Fernwood NRG can provide neighbourhood supports for issues arising out of the housing crisis, there is a real opportunity to further enrich and improve the well-being of Fernwood residents.