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Fernwood Village is a happening place with lots of visitors and lots of Vic High ­students. In the glorious summer sunshine, it can be hard to think about winter coming, but the dark and rainy afternoons can be a sad sight in Fernwood as people wait for the bus, scrunching their shoulders against the cold drizzle. It has been a lot of years, but we still don’t have bus shelters in our neighbourhood.

The village-minded folks at the ­Fernwood Inn have volunteered their building for some new awnings—which will shelter the ­sidewalk at the bus stop beside the ­restaurant. All we need to Make It ­Happen is $4,000 for awning installation. Let’s keep our bus-riding neighbours dry while they wait.


About Make It Happen

The Make It Happen projects are new ideas that have been put ­forward and need time and funding, or they are projects that have been successful but lack long term funding or some other kind of support.

Some of these projects are big and some are small—but all of them make a real difference in the lives of some of our neighbours here in Fernwood.
If you see a project you think is ­critically important or would bring joy to our neighbourhood, please Give Where You Live. You can Make It ­Happen with your funding or ­materials.

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