>> Kate VanGiesen

Picot Collective is a charming artisan shop in the four corners of Fernwood Village. It was opened in August 2015 by Britt Buntain who saw a “niche for tangible art.” Britt named the store after her grandmother and her new-found passion for weaving wall hangings and custom pieces. This shop was purposed to showcase Britt’s own work as well as “the creative work of others” that reflected similarities to her own style and craftsmanship.

Who should shop at Picot Collective? Anyone who can “appreciate handmade goods…and understand the value of creative work.” All items carried by Picot Collective are handmade by more than twenty artists, the majority of them local to Victoria and British Columbia. The residents of Greater Victoria will find that this beautiful store truly defines what it means to shop local. There are lovely handcrafted bags, notebooks, household items, potted plants, and skincare products. Picot Collective reflects the vibrant heart of the Fernwood community.

Britt’s passion is to build a business that reflects who she is. Her happiness comes from creating work that reflects her values and contributes to the creativity of others. Her goal is to support other artists and at the same time give her customers something that they will love to share.

Picot Collective brings a new creative vibe to Fernwood. You enter the shop and immediately want to slow down and take everything in. Artisan shops are to be enjoyed, and this one will simply add to the existing charm on the corner of Gladstone and Fernwood.

Picot Collective’s artisan items can also be found at www.picotcollective.com.