Change, transition, adaptation

›› Shonna Bell

Creativity, responsiveness, compassion.

It feels constant, exhausting and maybe sometimes invigorating. It feels humble, impossible to predict: make plans, adjust, make plans, adjust, settle in, adjust.

Really, it’s amazing we continue to get out of bed. Maybe we don’t, that’s ok too.

We show up, we watch the news, we interpret the guidance to our individual ­circumstances, we carry on.

We explain, we try to understand, we research, we proceed the best we can.

We try to not judge, we try to have empathy.

We get angry, feel frustrated, feel unjust, we understand.

The experience is individual and ­universal. Our individual circumstance contributes to the different impacts each new or resumed regulation has. We know it is harder for some than others. We know seniors, individuals and families are impacted.

We provide support, we connect.

We are here. You are there.

We ask ourselves: what can I do? How can I help? How do I stay safe?

At varying degrees, we are coping OR not. It depends on the time of day.

We ask for help. We look for resources. We apply for assistance. We respond. We persevere.

We cry.

We’re afraid to cough.

We laugh.

Is there humor in the overwhelm? Did you put the milk in the cupboard? Lock your keys in the car? Forget a word mid-sentence? Forget the word to describe something? Establish a meeting place and then go to another place?

We find things to look forward to. We ­create. We get creative. We decorate. We rearrange the house (if we are lucky enough to have one).

We wait. We wonder. We proceed.