Join our amazing ­community who make this festival happen

›› Kathryn Juricic

If you haven’t heard, FernFest is a ­community arts, family and music ­festival held in the heart of Fernwood, in ­Fernwood Square. FernFest is organized by Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group and made possible by hundreds of volunteers who dedicate a few hours to having fun and building community. This is my personal call-out to join our league of amazing people and become a FernFest Volunteer! It is a valuable and great way to give back to your neighbourhood.

FernFest will be held on Friday, June 21 and Saturday, June 22. FernFest has many activities for a diversity of people to enjoy. We host four stages that have bands, ­musicians and a variety of ­performances. My personal favourite of the fest is the ­FernFest Field of Dreams held on the Vic High field that includes tons of art ­activities, our cardboard castle and the Non-Profit Hub, among other things, trust me! FernFest also boasts an Artisan Market, Silent Auction, Senior’s Tea, BBQ and Beer Garden. Okay, did I miss anything?! Each one of these zones requires folks who are dedicated to making it happen.

As co-organizer of this festival, I must add that our Coordinating Team is awesome. I’m saying this because these are the people that you will be working with if you join us! Here’s a quote we’re proud to share from one of our volunteers last year: “I really appreciate the love and all the energy that the coordinators put on the Fest, I enjoyed being able to meet and help out all the incredible local businesses set up for the market, and I definitely loved seeing everyone having such a good time with all the music and the different activities that were going on. One of the best festivals, that’s for sure.”

We are really excited to welcome back Mel Reid as our calm and kind ­Volunteer Coordinator. She will be leading the troupes in making magic happen and ­finding a role that suits you.

FernFest is about many things—but it’s the people that come together to make something special. We’re all ­working together to build a resilient ­neighbourhood. When I walk down the street in Fernwood (and beyond), I get to say hi to so many folks that I’ve met through FernFest. When asked about FernFest highlights from our volunteers last year, their responses are mostly about the people, the community feel, and great food!

As a FernFest Volunteer, you will receive a FernFest T-shirt, our unending gratitude, snacks, lunch at our BBQ, and a free ticket to our FernFest Appreciation Party held at Vinyl Envy.

To sign-up to become a FernFest ­Volunteer, please visit