The Belfry’s acclaimed production of A Christmas Carol returns

>> Mark Dusseault

It is one of the greatest stories ever told. Even today, 172 years later, it is still profound and optimistic, reminding us that it’s never too late to change and to love again.

Written in 1843 in response to the social ills of Victorian England, A Christmas Carol changed western culture, reinvigorating the notion of Christmas and adding the now fundamental idea of charity at this time of year.

This December the Belfry is remounting its acclaimed 2012 production of A Christmas Carol with the hugely talented Tom McBeath reprising his role as the “tight-fisted old sinner” Ebenezer Scrooge.

Joining Tom are Gerry Mackay, Geoffrey Ewert, Brian Linds, Anton Lipovetsky, Amanda Lisman, Celine Stubel, Jan Wood, John Han and Jessica Hickman.

Playing the Cratchit children are 16-year-old Lauren Alberico (from Claremont Secondary) as Martha, 17-year-old Ajay Parikh-Friese (from St. Michael’s) as Peter, 11-year-old Abby Baker (from Central Middle) as Belinda, and 7-year-old Kyle Atlas Stahl (from George Jay Elementary) as Tiny Tim.

A Christmas Carol is the perfect story of redemption, reminding us to reach out to our fellow man, now and all year long, and is a wonderful start to holiday season.

Tickets are available at the Belfry (come visit us), at 250-385-6815 or at