Jane Michiel was born in Vancouver, B.C., moved to the Island at a young age, and now lives in the heart of Fernwood. She has had a varied career working on ships—Princess Margurite, Sten Line, and Sea Link Catamarans—at London Drugs, and in the ­cosmetics ­industry as a makeup ­artist. She has always painted and now works as a full time artist from her home studio. Her work shifts between total abstraction and ­figurative paintings. She is a member at Gage Gallery in Victoria. Check out her work at janemichiel.blogspot.com.

Tell us 3 things about yourself, one that is a lie.

  • My favorite city to visit is Prague, in the Czech Republic.
  • I got engaged in New Orleans and married in Juneau, Alaska.
  • I have lived in Mexico City. (These are actually all true.)

Why do you choose to live in Fernwood?

We used to live in Brentwood Bay which was beautiful and very quiet. We decide to move into town when two of our kids started at UVic. It was closer to the ­university, and I have always loved Fernwood. It is close to everything and I love the old homes and community. I actually worked at a bakery on Fernwood Road years and years ago—it was where Fernwood Community Association is now. Fernwood has changed a lot since then!

What has changed in Fernwood since you’ve been here?

Not much has changed, other than the proposals for change. Construction at Vic High, and the proposed new housing that will be going in on Gladstone Avenue behind Vic High. These are big changes that will impact the community a lot.

What has most surprised you during the pandemic?

I am pleasantly surprised that people are still getting out to art galleries and supporting local artists.

What have you missed most about pre-Covid times?

I have one son and three step kids that I adore. I wish I could see them all more often. But three of them live in other cities, so it’s been a while since we all got together. I miss that.

What will you miss most in post-Covid times?

Covid has forced my husband and I to spend lots of time at home. We have really enjoyed this and I may miss it when things get back to “normal”.

What is your hope for Fernwood in 10 years?

I hope that as Fernwood develops, it doesn’t lose its charm. I hope it still has a village vibe, as it grows.

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