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Yolande is the owner of Who Dyd Your Hair (WDYH) ­Multicultural Hair Salon in Fernwood Square, a RSE Cosmetologist, educator for McBride Research Laboratories, founder of Making History Gala, and proud mother of two young women.

Tell us two truths and one lie about yourself:

  • Meet with Les Brown weekly
  • Have a 20 year-old daughter
  • Like mornings and dislike breakfast

Why do you choose to live in ­Fernwood?
When I first moved here in 2005 from Nova Scotia, I stayed with my brother for two months and moved right into Fernwood. I haven’t left since and it is what my family and I call home. My business is here, schools are close for my girls as they grow, and the vibe is unmatched to anywhere else in the CRD.

What has changed in Fernwood since you’ve been here?
Fernwood has blossomed into a ­gathering place for all walks of life to feel comfortable and embraced. It’s an ­amazing spot to get a community and family feel. I remember first moving here and the reaction I would get when I said I lived in ­Fernwood. There is a glow on people’s faces when I say it now. I always get ­visitors ­coming back to the neighbourhood on their own time because they love it around here.

What has most surprised you during the pandemic?
That the whole world was on lockdown at the same time at one point.

What have you missed most about pre-Covid times?
I miss traveling. I used to teach across the border a lot so converting to virtual and staying in one place has been very ­interesting for me.

What will you miss most in post-Covid times?
I would usually have an annual Gala for black entrepreneurs to network on the island, and having to negotiate or narrow down who can come or doing it virtually will be a great challenge going forward, especially with an unprecedented year we have had. The climate has changed for humanity, so this adjustment will need to be taken day by day.

What is your hope for Fernwood in 10 years?
Just a little more parking.