›› Shonna Bell

You are not working from home; you are home during a pandemic trying to work. When I first read this, I needed it. At the time, I had just finished a Zoom call where my toddler was launching herself on me from the couch and I was unmuting myself to spit out a quick sentence and trying to push mute again before she got an anatomy related word in.

Fernwood NRG has the privilege of serving many families and members of our community. For those of you whose work cannot be done at home and are not working as a result, or those who are working out of the home, or whatever your individual circumstances are—this includes you. Although our doors are technically closed, we remain here for you. If for nothing else than to say: we see you. We see you playing in the parking lot puddle, using the Vic High track, walking though Spring Ridge Commons, and staying home when all you want to do is get outside. We see you doing whatever it takes to be the superhero parent you are, during a pandemic.

I didn’t want this to be another suggestion of things for you to do while at home with your family. We have those for you if you need them, please reach out. Some days I’m happy knowing I didn’t yell loud enough for the neighbours to hear. I used the whisper yell and that’s a win. Nothing about this is easy. To the families of Fernwood (and everyone else), you’ve got this.