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Kim Persley has been a Victoria resident since 2003. She went to college here, started her 15 year career in the music industry here, met her husband and started their family here and hopes to never leave. A specialist in digital communications, branding and strategy, she currently is a Project Producer and part of the founding team at Partner Creative.

Tell us a 3 things about yourself, one that is a lie.
I got kicked out of an awards show for obnoxiously yelling about everyone being a bunch of “C-listers”
I named Rifflandia
I went to Michael Jackson’s funeral

Why do you choose to live in ­Fernwood?
I’ve always been enamoured with ­Fernwood since I moved to Victoria in the early 2000s. I love how it’s kept its mix of cool, urban uniqueness with such a strong community feel. Aside from that, we chose Fernwood for our family because it’s so close to downtown, all our friends live close by and it allows us to live a lifestyle where we can walk and bike almost everywhere and not lose our time commuting.

What has changed in Fernwood since you’ve been here?
I feel like it’s just gotten better, with more shops and restaurants getting ­established, it brings people to our neighbourhood from other parts of the city to enjoy the vibe. Both Fernwood Square and North Park Village have some thriving local businesses, particularly food related, that are some of the best in the city.

What has most surprised you during the pandemic?
I thought my sons (aged 3 and 6) would be so upset about all the things they could no longer do. School, the playground, the pool, the library and of course seeing friends. But really at this age, the people they want to be with most are their parents. So while it’s been a whole lot of ups and downs, they have surprised me with their ability to just roll with this whole thing and not question such a radical shift in their reality. I think the spike in how much TV they are allowed to watch certainly helps too, haha.

What have you missed most about pre-Covid times?
Oh without a doubt parties, events, ­concerts… any kind of group ­socialization. I miss hanging and yapping with my friends SO MUCH. I’ve been re-watching Schitt’s Creek and just seeing footage of a house party or backyard BBQ gives me real pangs of longing!

What will you miss most in post-Covid times?
I am trying to be aware of this being precious and rare time with my kids, it’s like a maternity leave reprise. My husband Luke and I are both typically working full time and it can be such a grind sometimes. So getting to slow down and also realize we can manage with much less has been the most valuable part of this bizarre hellscape.

What is your hope for Fernwood in 10 years?
That Fernwood keeps its cool, caring, and vibrant attitude. 5 years ago when I told my hairstylist (at the time a ­Fernwood resident) that we were moving back to Fernwood cause we were lucky to have bought a house here. She said, “You better not be one of those people who move to Fernwood and then try to change it.” After being offended that she thought I would be, it’s something I have kept in mind. We chose this area because we love it, so we have aimed to become a part of the ­neighbourhood, rather than expecting it to bend to meet our specific needs.

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